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Alterations & Renovations to Flats

Residents who wish to undertake alterations and renovations to their flats must apply to the Board for approval before any such work is started (see below for how to apply).

The Board has a duty to ensure that the structural integrity and appearance of Surbiton Court is maintained. The Board must also take into consideration the impact of such work on adjoining flats.

Residents should bear in mind that failure to obtain approval before starting any work may result in restorative or remedial work at your own expense, and may also cause delays should you subsequently decide to sell your flat.

Structural alterations include the following:

  • Central heating or boiler replacement
  • Double glazing
  • Re-wiring
  • Bathroom refurbishment or renovation
  • Kitchen refurbishment or renovation
  • Replacement, or any substantial refurbishment, of the front door.
  • Installation of hard flooring such as bare wood, laminate, Amtico, etc. Please Note that approval for such work will not be granted unless appropriate sound insulation is also installed: this is in order to comply with the noise and nuisance clauses in the Lease.
  • Alteration to, or removal of, internal walls. Such work may have to be referred to a Chartered Surveyor and/or Structural Engineer.

This list is not exhaustive, but indicative of the types of work for which you require approval: some types of work may not appear to be structural however, if in doubt, please contact for guidance.

Redecoration (painting and papering) is not deemed structural work, neither is the renewal of fixtures and fittings in the same position, provided that changes to walls or pipe runs are not involved. Again, if in doubt, please contact

In addition please note that, should you subsequently sell your flat, your purchasers’ solicitors will ask for evidence that approval was granted for any alterations to your flat. If you have undertaken work without the required approval, this may cause problems or delay with the sale.

Applications for alterations or renovations should be emailed to Applications should include:

  • Full details of the proposed work, including diagrams or plans (if available)
  • Builders’/contractors’ contact details, confirmation of their qualifications (e.g. Gas Safe registration) and insurance
  • Proposed starting date, and estimated duration, of work
  • Whether a skip will be required: if so, you must contact the Board for approval, in order that a suitable date and location can be arranged.

In addition, you must confirm that:

  • Your builders/contractors will only undertake noisy work during the permitted hours, that is, between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm on Mondays to Fridays, and between 9.00 am and 1.00 pm on Saturdays. Noisy work may not take place on Sundays or Bank Holidays.
  • Your builders/contractors are fully conversant with, and will comply with, the parking regulations in Surbiton Court.
  • Your builders/contractors will leave communal areas clean and tidy, and clear of any materials or obstructions.
  • All rubble, waste and debris will be appropriately disposed of and not left in communal areas or placed in the bin compounds.

Once approval has been granted, you should inform your immediate neighbours of the work taking place in your flat.

Should you have any queries, or require any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact

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