Surbiton Court Flats 1-69


This website relates exclusively to Surbiton Court Flats 1-69. It is imperative that all residents, whether owners or sub-tenants, familiarise themselves with the website and Handbook of Rules & Regulations which contain important information about living in Surbiton Court. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact


Surbiton Court No 2 (Flats 70-89) and Surbiton Court No 3 (Flats 90-113) are entirely separate legal entities. They are managed separately and all queries relating to Surbiton Court Nos 2 & 3 should be directed to Wallakers, 69 Victoria Road, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 4NX, telephone 020 8399 5381, email

PLEASE NOTE Residents of Surbiton Court Nos 2 & 3 do not have rights to the gardens of Surbiton Court Flats 1-69, nor do they, their visitors or contractors have rights to park anywhere in the grounds of Surbiton Court Flats 1-69.

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