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Parking & Garages

Parking in Surbiton Court

Parking in Surbiton Court is extremely limited and therefore strictly controlled. The Board has appointed Parking Enforcement & Security Services Ltd (PESS) to issue Parking Charge Notices to the owners of vehicles which contravene the parking regulations. The fine is currently £100.00, reduced to £60.00 if paid promptly. PESS are legally entitled to pursue offenders who fail to pay their fines through the courts, and will use photographic evidence. PESS carry out regular patrols to ensure that parking regulations are complied with. Once a Parking Charge Notice has been issued, the vehicle owner must deal directly with PESS: SCRA has no power to intervene.

There are four designated parking bays where parking is permitted, clearly displaying a valid Surbiton Court permit, between 0800 am and midnight.

There are two bays under the willow tree at the entrance to Surbiton Court (area A on the map), and two by the south arch (area B). The map can be viewed / downloaded HERE.

These bays are primarily for use by visitors, care workers, and contractors. While residents may use the bays for occasional short-term parking, the bays are not for exclusive or continuous use by any one resident: the bays are not to be treated as any resident’s personal parking space. Those who have garages should use them to park their cars.

The bays are also not for long-term visitors to use exclusively or continuously . If you have visitors staying with you for extended periods you must make alternative arrangements for them to park elsewhere, for example, in St Andrew’s Square.

In addition, the bays are not for residents, their friends, or their relatives to park in while they go elsewhere.

Parking is not permitted in the inner Court – only drop off and pick up is permitted, maximum 20 minutes. Any vehicle parked in the inner Court for longer than this, and not actively loading/unloading, is liable to be ticketed.

Parking is not permitted in the garage area at any time, with two exceptions: the owners of Garages 1 and 10 who have the right to park in the two spaces marked X on the map, and the owners of Garages 1-18 & 55-59 who may wash their cars in the garage area as long as they do not cause any obstruction and are not left unattended.

Overnight parking (midnight to 0800 am) is not permitted anywhere in Surbiton Court.

Lost or mislaid permits must be reported to the Board as soon as possible by emailing Once a permit has been reported lost it will no longer be valid. There is an incremental administration charge for replacement permits.

Disabled badges or any form of handwritten or printed notes are not valid in Surbiton Court.

To be fair and equitable to all, the Board reserves the right to ban any resident or vehicle, or rescind the permit of any resident who chooses to make themselves the exception by ignoring or abusing the parking regulations, or allowing their permits to be misused. If a banned vehicle is found parking anywhere in Surbiton Court, including the designated bays, it will be issued with a Parking Charge Notice.

New residents (owners or tenants) must ensure that they have a valid permit and are fully conversant with these regulations. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact

Parking in St Andrews Square

Residents can purchase street parking permits (and visitors street parking vouchers) for St Andrew’s Square, and the surrounding roads, online from Kingston Council

Speed Limit

Please observe the 5 mph speed limit in order to keep Surbiton Court safe for all residents, especially small children and the elderly.


There is an additional maintenance charge payable by the owners of Garages 1-18 and 55-59 at the front of Surbiton Court.

These garages have a separate Lease, and may only be owned or purchased by someone who owns a flat in Surbiton Court (Flats 1-69).

Garage doors must be left closed and locked when not in use.

Garages may only be used for the storage of a private (not commercial) vehicle.

Garages for Rent

Nightingale Page Hickman & Bishop (telephone 020 8399 0061) sometimes have garages (off Portsmouth Road) available to rent.

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