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Refuse & Litter


All household refuse must be securely bagged and placed into the bin compounds adjacent to Garages 11 and 18.

Refuse, waste bags or litter must not be left outside the bins or in any communal areas such as hallways, staircases, balconies or gardens.

Cardboard boxes must be flattened before being placed in the bins.

The bins must not be overfilled: if the first bins are full you will invariably find space in the farthest bins.

All rubble, waste and debris from Alterations & Renovations to Flats to Flats must be appropriately disposed of and not placed in the bins or bin compounds.

Large items such as furniture, mattresses, old electrical/electronic equipment, etc. must not be left in the bin compounds. Residents who attempt to dispose of their bulky items in the bin compounds will be billed for the cost of having such items removed.

Junk Mail

You can reduce the amount of junk mail addressed to you personally by contacting the Mailing Preference Service at

You can also reduce some of the cold calling by UK based sales organisations by contacting the Telephone Preference Service at


There are facilities for recycling various materials such as glass, plastic, etc. at various locations in Surbiton including the car park at Waitrose.

Kingston Council provides a Household Refuse and Recycling Centre for residents of the borough. There is also a mini-recycling area close to the gate which is accessible on foot or by bicycle. You will need to show a valid permit, or your Council Tax bill and photo ID. Further information is available via this link.

We used to have a wheelie bin for paper and magazines at the front entrance of Surbiton Court. Unfortunately, this was frequently abused by certain individuals to dispose of cardboard, plastic, and food waste. Consequently, the bin was withdrawn, as the contents were deemed contaminated and not suitable for recycling.

The Board has held numerous discussions with Kingston Council on the possibility of installing recycling bins. The feasibility of converting one of the existing bin compounds into a recycling area has been looked at closely.

In 2013, with the assistance of one of the local councillors, Kingston Council drafted a new proposal for recycling at Surbiton Court. It would have required the withdrawal of 4 of the 8 landfill bins in the two existing bin areas and replacing them with 4 bins for recycling metal, plastic, paper and cardboard, respectively. The proposal was put to a vote at the Annual General Meeting where it was turned down.

The main reason was that the scheme would require active and frequent monitoring to avoid the bins becoming overfull and cross-contaminated. There were not enough volunteers to police the bins to ensure that they were used properly, and to move waste from incorrect bins into the correct ones.

At present, the proposal to find a workable approach to recycling is ongoing, and ideas are welcomed. Please contact the Services Director at if you would like to contribute.

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