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Animals Tame & Wild

Residents must ensure that their pets, and those of their visitors, are kept under control and not allowed to damage the gardens, or cause annoyance to other residents.

Dogs must not be exercised, or allowed to soil or defecate, anywhere in the grounds of Surbiton Court: they must be taken outside to St Andrew’s Square or the surrounding streets, where the former has dedicated facilities for the disposal of dog waste. Additionally, dogs must be kept under control on leads whilst anywhere in Surbiton Court, and not permitted to dig up or damage the gardens, or cause nuisance to other residents.

There is an ever-increasing population of wildlife which is fast encroaching into Surbiton Court. Whilst these animals may look attractive, they can, and do, cause damage to the gardens and infrastructure of Surbiton Court. They can also spread disease and pose a health hazard, especially to small children.

Foxes regularly bring in rubbish bags from St Andrew’s Square, tearing them open and scattering their contents over our lawns: they also enter communal entrances at night and defecate on the stairs and doormats.

Feeding pigeons encourages them to roost in the trees and on the roof. The build up of droppings on the pathways and lawns is unsightly and unhygienic: in addition, the corrosive nature of these droppings will eventually damage the integrity of the roof surface.

Squirrels have stripped insulation off electrical cables and piping on the roof and, in some cases, have chewed through the cables themselves.

Residents should not feed or encourage these animals: if residents persist in doing so, the Board may have no alternative but to seek professional advice.

This page last updated 21 October 2019
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