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Owners are legally bound to pay their proportion of the annual maintenance charge (including Ground Rent) for the maintenance, upkeep and running of Surbiton Court.

The maintenance charge for the forthcoming financial year is discussed, and voted on, by owners at the AGM. Maintenance is payable monthly by Standing Order. (Previously, maintenance could be paid quarterly but, in order to streamline administrative procedures, quarterly payments are being phased out.)

Queries relating to maintenance payments should be directed to the Association’s accountants PB Associates, 2 Castle Business Village, Station Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2BX, telephone 020 8892 3100, email

Garage Maintenance

There is an additional maintenance charge payable by the owners of Garages 1-18 and 55-59 at the front of Surbiton Court. This is payable annually, either by Standing Order or electronic banking, citing the relevant garage number.

Queries relating to garage maintenance payments should be directed to

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