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Gardens & Barbecues


The ornamental gardens at Surbiton Court are one of its most distinguishing features, contributing to, and enhancing, its unique and peaceful ambience.

Together with cleaning and insurance, gardening constitutes one of our highest items of current expenditure. Professional gardeners are employed and work two days a week to maintain the gardens. The gardeners also undertake additional seasonal work when required.

To avoid damage to the gardens, as well as nuisance to other residents, ball games, or any other games, are not permitted anywhere in Surbiton Court. This particularly applies to games involving flying objects such as footballs, frisbees, shuttlecocks, etc., which could damage the plants, or cause annoyance to other residents.

Residents may use light or portable/folding garden furniture in the gardens, but it must not be left there after you have finished using it.

Dogs must not be exercised, or allowed to soil or defecate, anywhere in the grounds of Surbiton Court: they must be taken outside to St Andrew’s Square or the surrounding streets, where the former has dedicated facilities for the disposal of dog waste. Additionally, dogs must be kept under control on leads whilst anywhere in Surbiton Court, and not permitted to dig up or damage the gardens, or cause nuisance to other residents.

Should you wish to help in the gardens please contact the Gardens Director at Volunteers to help with watering are particularly welcome during dry spells.


If you decide to hold a barbecue, please follow the guidelines below in order to minimise any inconvenience to residents who might be affected by smoke and noise.

In the inner Court, barbecues are only permitted on the main terrace.

You may also hold a barbecue in the outer gardens, but must ensure that you keep well away from the building, trees and shrubs, and that no damage is caused to the lawns, or any nuisance to other residents.

Barbecues may not, under any circumstances, be held on the private balconies or loggias. This would constitute a considerable fire risk, and may invalidate our Buildings Insurance Policy.

All debris must be safely disposed of when finished.

Should you have any queries, or need any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact or

This page last updated 21 October 2019
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