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Noise & Nuisance

Owing to its age, Surbiton Court has no sound insulation between flats. As a result sound carries, and is often amplified, upwards, downwards and sideways.

Noise transmission between flats can be minimised by fitted, or wall-to-wall, carpet and underlay on the floors. Hard flooring such as laminate, bare boards, Amtico, etc. is guaranteed to do the exact opposite, amplifying noise in all directions.

If you wish to install any type of hard flooring you must apply to the Board for approval before any such work is started. Please Note that approval for such work will not be granted unless appropriate sound insulation is also installed: this is to comply with the noise and nuisance clauses in the Lease.

Residents should bear in mind that failure to obtain approval before starting any work may result in restorative or remedial work at your own expense, and may also cause delays should you subsequently decide to sell your flat.

In addition please note that, should you subsequently sell your flat, your purchasers’ solicitors will ask for evidence that approval was granted for any alterations to your flat. If you have undertaken work without the required approval, this may cause problems or delay with the sale. For full details please refer to Alterations & Renovations to Flats.

The terms of the Lease do not permit noise between midnight and 07.00 am, or at any other time if it causes nuisance or annoyance to other residents.

Noisy building work may only be undertaken between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm on Mondays to Fridays, and between 9.00 am and 1.00 pm on Saturdays. Noisy work may not take place on Sundays or Bank Holidays.

Please be aware of the sound levels of your TV, audio equipment, household appliances and DIY equipment. If you, or your visitors, drive into the inner Court, especially between midnight and 7.00 am, please ensure that any noise is kept to a minimum.

Washing or clothing must not be hung out of the windows, or left in any communal areas.

No placards, posters or signs may be fixed to the external walls or placed in the windows.

Aerials or satellite dishes may not be fixed to the exterior of Surbiton Court.

In short, residents must not do, or allow to be done, anything which causes a nuisance or annoyance to other residents, as this would be in breach of the Terms of the Lease.

This page last updated 01 June 2016
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