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Buildings Insurance

Together with cleaning and gardening, the block insurance for Surbiton Court constitutes one of our highest items of current expenditure.

The block policy is reviewed by the Directors annually to ensure that we obtain the most competitive and comprehensive cover. The premium is currently paid from the maintenance.

The current excess for all risks is £250 except for subsidence which is £1000. Over the last few years most of the claims have been as a result of water leaks: specifically leaks from one flat leading to ingress and damage in other flats. The excess is payable by the flat from which the incident emanates.

If you are having work undertaken in your flat, you must ensure that your contractors are fully insured. If they are responsible for any damage, any resulting claim must be against their insurance. If damage is caused as a result of structural changes for which you have not obtained prior approval, you may find yourself personally liable for the cost of all remedial work as well as compensation for any impact to any other parts of Surbiton Court (adjacent flats and/or communal areas). For full details of regulations on building works please refer to Alterations & Renovations to Flats.

Contents and personal belongings insurance are the responsibility of individual residents.

Should you need to make a claim against the block policy please contact the Insurance Director as soon as possible by emailing Please note that our insurers will not process individual claims.

This information is not legally binding in any way. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact

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