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NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH - Newsletter September 2019

The Kingston Borough Neighbourhood Watch group and the Surrey Police have recently released their latest Newsletter. This edition provides a wealth of advice to help you avoid becoming a victim of fraud:

Uploaded 05 September 2019.

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NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH - Newsletter Spring 2019

A copy of the Molesey, Dittons & Hinchley Wood Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter for Spring/Summer 2019 has been forwared to us by a resident. As it contains several items of advice and information that you might find useful, we have reproduced it at the link below:

To protect the author of the Newsletter from unsolicited approaches outside the jurisdiction of their Neighbourhood Watch area, his/her contact details have been redacted.

Should a member of the Molesey, Dittons & Hinchley Wood Neighbourhood Watch group object to our re-publishing their Newsletter, please would they contact and we will remove it from this site.

Uploaded 11 March 2019.

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NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH - Newsletters February, March 2019

The Kingston Borough Neighbourhood Watch group and the Surrey Police have recently released their latest Newsletters:

Uploaded 11 March 2019.

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New / restored Freeview TV channels

The Surbiton Court Freeview aerial system was upgraded on 12 September 2018 as a result of changes to the transmissions from the Crystal Palace. The reasons for this are discussed in the following two links:

To receive the restored channels and get any new ones, please re-tune your TV set and any Freeview recorders.

Uploaded 14 September 2018.

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HyperOptic Broadband

In light of the letters recently sent to residents by HyperOptic, the Board feel it important to clarify the situation. The Board is conscious of new technology and embracing new ideas, but at the same time must be aware of anything which might impact negatively on the structural integrity, ambience and appearance of Surbiton Court. Equally the Board must ensure that Members’ interests are protected.

HyperOptic has no proven record in our area and to date only one development in Surbiton has taken up their service. Their letter contains a number of misleading and inaccurate statements. They state that they have “completed their survey” and that they are “continuing to work with the building management”. This is not the case. We have never given them permission to access our grounds or buildings to undertake any survey nor are we continuing to work with them. The Board has given careful consideration to their proposals but has declined for the reasons outlined below.

HyperOptic’s contract (Wayleave) is heavily weighted in their favour and would be detrimental to our rights. Entering into such an agreement would give them a virtual carte blanche over our grounds and infrastructure.

It would grant them authority to bring vehicles and machinery onto our grounds, without specifying their positioning or length of stay, or indeed if such equipment was required for the purpose of working on our own, or neighbouring, properties. They would have the right to cut, or require us to cut, any plants or trees on our land should they deem it necessary.

The Wayleave would grant them the right to repair any damage they cause “to our reasonable satisfaction”. In the case of a dispute, the strict interpretation of what we would consider “reasonable satisfaction” would have to be legally determined, thus potentially involving the Association in the expense of litigation.

The terms of their Wayleave provide only three grounds for termination of their service: substantial breaches of their obligations, redevelopment of all or part of Surbiton Court, or if the continuation of the agreement would cause prejudice to us. Again, determining the first or third points might potentially involve us in legal costs. There is no provision for our ending the agreement simply because we wish to change to another supplier.

On a logistical level, and to give some background, the installation of the current cabling (by Telewest, now Virgin media) caused considerable disruption, and resulted in significant investment in both time and costs to ourselves. The Board had to engage the services of a contractor who knew the building well to superintend and control the whole installation: specifically, plans had to be drawn up for the cabling to be routed on the outside of the Court so as not to impact on the aesthetics of the inner Court. Other factors that were taken into consideration were the roadways (which had been re-surfaced at an approximate cost of some £25,000), and the gardens. This work took several months. (Whilst Hyperoptic state that individual installation is free of charge, the cost of installation to Surbiton Court will be considerable: this will result in increased maintenance for owners and will undoubtedly be reflected in increased rent for sub-tenants.)

Additionally, HyperOptic have said that they would need supplementary junction boxes, and also that electrical power would be required. Together with the extra cabling, this would add to the equipment on the roof and complicate the regular maintenance that the Board carries out to keep the roof in good condition. The Board has a duty of care to maintain the fabric of the building (including the roof) and anything that might jeopardise that would not be acceptable.

In conclusion, the Board is bound to protect the rights of Members as well as the building and grounds: it would be failing in its duty of care were it to enter into such a restrictive and disadvantageous agreement.

Hopefully, this clarifies the situation, but should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact

Uploaded 19 April 2018.

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NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH - Talk to take place June 2018

The local Neighbourhood Watch group has issued the following notice:

St Mark's Ward - Fraud and Cybercrime Talk,

Saturday 2nd June 2018, St Mark’s Church Hall, St Mark’s Hill, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 4LS
Email to book your free place.

Do join us on 2nd June to hear from experts from FALCON (Fraud & Linked Crime Online, Organised Crime Command) on how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. The figures for Kingston last year are staggering:

  • 687 victims losing £2.5million
  • Most prevalent methods - Online Shopping, Advance Fee and Software Service
  • Most costly - Investment Fraud (£636,723 lost); Mandate Fraud (£264,289 lost)
  • Door to Door sales - £235,967 lost

The event will cover:

  • Fraud and Cyber Crime
  • Serious and Organised Crime
  • Modern Slavery

Uploaded 29 March 2018.

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In view of the recent tragic events in London, the Directors feel it timely to draw residents' attention to a number of preventative measures and your responsibilities in case of a fire breaking out.

For further information, please visit the Fire Safety page of the Handbook.

Uploaded 25 February 2018.

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We have received a copy of the local Neighbourhood Watch newsletter for January 2018. Apart from some local crime news and contact information, it includes advice from the Police on:

  • Car MoT reminders
  • Getting the identity of your mobile phone *before* it is stolen
  • Online and phone fraud Alerts
  • Metal theft
  • Warning of an "iTunes" scam
  • Abolition of surcharges if you pay by credit card

Uploaded 25 January 2018.

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We have received a copy of the local Neighbourhood Watch newsletter for July 2017, which covers amongst other things, details of some of the current scams doing the rounds as well as advice on: (a) protecting your home from burglary during the summer months and (b) making it harder to steal from your car.

Kingston Police would also like to draw your attention to their Open Day on Saturday 16th July from 11am to 3pm at Kingston Police Station. There will be lots for the youngsters to do so please feel free to bring the whole family along.

Uploaded 03 July 2017.

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The FreeView TV system serving the block was refreshed in the first week of February (apart from the cabling). This should have addressed the problems some residents were experiencing with signals received over the air.

If you continue to have problems with FreeView, or have any queries, please contact the Technology Director at

Uploaded 13 February 2017.

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Since the onset of winter, the number of reports from residents experiencing problems has been increasing. The equipment we have to receive, amplify and distribute the signals to all the flats in the block is now quite old (last refreshed around 2003) and the aerial itself dates back to the pre-digital era. The Board has therefore decided to update the aerial system in order to improve reception. The work to do this should take place this month (February 2017).

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Technology Director at

Uploaded 02 February 2017.

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Current refurbishment of the open balconies leading to Flats 27-35 & 36-41 has highlighted the fact that the wisteria has grown very large over the years, and has only had occasional light pruning. (This was one of the items discussed at last year’s AGM.)

The wisteria is an iconic part of Surbiton Court and one of our main assets, therefore the Board felt it imperative to seek professional advice. We contacted Kingston Council’s Tree & Landscape Department and the Royal Horticultural Society for guidance, who both recommended that we refer to the Arboricultural Association After some research, we contacted Connick Tree Care to advise on the wisteria.

Their findings are as follows:

Our wisteria is indeed quite old, and consists of four separate plants.

Wisteria is a resilient plant, and there appears to be no immediate worry as to the condition of ours, i.e. no visible signs of disease.

They have recommended the following procedure: trimming all four plants to the frieze level of the first floor, and trimming back inwards approximately half a metre. This may result in it not flowering next year, but it should resume normal flowering the following year. This would also place less weight on the actual tree roots themselves, which at the moment are helped by strapping the upper branches to the railings. Although wisteria is a climbing plant it will support itself if it is contained.

The work would be undertaken mostly by hand, with secateurs, etc., rather than with mechanical chain-sawing: a more traditional method/approach.

Autumn is a good time to undertake this work, as plants and trees are in ‘close down mode’.

We have therefore commissioned Connick Tree Care to undertake this work on the wisteria. They are ARB approved and work to British Standard 3998. Work is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 04 October 2016.

Please check here regularly for further updates.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact

Uploaded 02 October 2016.

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As discussed in detail at last year’s AGM and recorded in the Minutes, the scheduled refurbishment of the common parts is progressing.

The refurbishment of entrance 54-59 is now complete, and the next scheduled phase has started on the refurbishment of the open balconies leading to Flats 27-35 & 36-41

This work will follow the Association’s surveyors’ recommendations, and will entail some drilling, chasing out where necessary, re-plastering, and re-painting. We will also take this opportunity to re-paint the front doors in this section, and will liaise with residents nearer the time in order to arrange access.

Every effort will be made to minimise disruption but inevitably there will be a certain amount of dust, noise, etc. Work will only take place during the permitted hours as outlined in the Handbook under Alterations & Renovations.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact

Uploaded 30 June 2016.

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Welcome to the new Surbiton Court Flats 1-69 website.

Since its inception over ten years ago, technological advances, and feedback from residents, have demonstrated that the original format was no longer fit for purpose.

The website originally incorporated a considerable amount of general information which was not directly related to Surbiton Court but was felt, at the time, to be useful. As this material is now directly, and more readily, available from other sources it is no longer felt necessary, or appropriate, to include it in a website primarily dedicated to Surbiton Court.

With this in mind, the website has undergone a complete redesign to bring it into line with current needs, and technology such as smartphones and tablets. The aim has been to make it easier to locate information and more user-friendly. The focus has therefore been Surbiton Court itself, and extraneous content has been removed.

The Notices will highlight items and news affecting Surbiton Court, and the Blog will post summaries of Board meetings, so please check regularly for updates.

Should you have any comments or feedback please do not hesitate to contact or

Thank you for visiting!

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